A beauty trend quite popular with influencers and models alike, brow lamination is a procedure that straightens your eyebrow hair in an upwards direction, rather than laying them down sideways. Similar to lash lift, eyebrow lamination is done to make your eyebrows look on-point at all times.

Having said that, the procedure can be quite expensive and if not done with the utmost care, can damage your natural brow hair. Also, an in-clinic brow lamination is only worth it if you have thick brows to begin with. Fortunately, there is a way to DIY brow lamination. Here’s how you can fake laminated brows in three simple steps:

how to fake laminated brows1

Step 01: Start with properly nourished and conditioned brows. Start with a leave-in brow treatment that deeply hydrates your brow area. You can even use a gel-based moisturiser like the Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Aloe Vera Gel to smooth out unruly brow hair and make them glossy. Use your fingertips and rub the treatment in for best results.

Step 02: Once your brow hair is taken care of, you need the ‘laminating’ agent that will give you that gravity-defying straightened hair look. For this, we recommend a glycerine soap bar like the Pears Pure & Gentle Soap Bar. Spritz some water or setting spray on a spoolie brush, rub it on the bar and apply it to your brows in upward strokes. Make sure to set the shape before the soap mix dries down on the eyebrows.

Step 03: Add finishing touches with a thin-tipped eyebrow pencil, a fine tip like the Lakme Absolute Micro Brow Perfecter - Charcoal will help fill in any sparse areas to make them look fuller with a soft and smudge-proof finish. If your eyebrows are still looking sparse, go in with another layer of tinted brow gel to make up for any missing drama or intensity in the look.

Images courtesy: @nikki_makeup