3 Steps To Finding That Perfect Lipstick…

Written by Kaajal SinghSep 16, 2023
3 steps to finding that perfect lipstick…
When it comes to lipsticks, no one can have just one! And yet, everyone has a few shades that are just perfect for them. How do you find those lipstick shades that are just right for your skin, you ask?
Here’s a quick guide on how to find your perfect lipstick shade...

#1 Find Out Your Skin Tone

#3 Pick Your Shade

The ground rule of finding your ideal lipstick shade is to determine your skin tone. There are 3 main types of skin complexion: fair to light, medium to wheatish and dusky to warm skin tones. Find which category you fall into before buying your lipstick. Look into that chart above and chose your lip shade accordingly.


#2 Find Out Your Undertone

#3 Pick Your Shade

Determining your undertone is the most important step towards finding your ideal lipstick. There are basically three types of undertones: cool, warm and neutral.
The best way to find your undertone is to check your wrist. If your veins appear green, you’ve got a warm undertone. If blue, you have a cool undertone. And if they are purple, you have neutral undertones.
If you have a warm tone, choose lipsticks with yellow undertones.
If you have a cool tone, blue undertone lipsticks would work well for you. 


#3 Pick Your Shade

#3 Pick Your Shade

Once you’ve determined all the parameters discussed above, choose your shade. Try experimenting with different shades of the same colour family that fall into your range.

Once you’re done analysing all the steps, you’ll have your ideal lipstick with you.

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