5 Common Winter Makeup Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 common winter makeup mistakes and how to avoid them

Winter is at its peak and if you are a makeup maniac just like us, you’d know that this season isn’t exactly a breeze for us beauty buffs. Not sure what we are talking about? Let us give you a little heads up. You are going to deal with makeup woes like patchy foundation, spotty blush and worst of all, cracked lipstick, all through this chilly season.

Winter isn’t the friendliest of seasons for when makeup is considered. It exacerbates your skin woes which makes flawless makeup a distant dream. But rest assured, we are here to make things easier for you.

Here are five common makeup struggles during the winter and how you can deal with them to look fabulous even in the harshest of weathers. 


01. Patchy foundation

05.	Makeup transfer

Gliding makeup on winter dry skin is not exactly a piece of cake. Plus, applying foundation on dry skin can make it patchy and uneven. If you have extremely dry skin, you know what we are talking about.

To avoid this, moisturise your skin well before putting on your foundation. Opt for a liquid foundation that glides on smoothly and keeps your skin moisturised while giving it a smooth finish.


02. Cracked lipstick

05.	Makeup transfer

Winter and dry lips are practically BFFs. The winter air makes your lips dry, chapped and flaky. Putting on a matte lipstick on chapped lips often results in cracked and peeling lip colour which looks far from glamourous.

Make sure you exfoliate your lips and put on a lip balm before applying the lipstick. Also, you can opt for a non-drying, matte formula like the Lakme Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color that is formulated with argan oil to nourish your lips rather than drying them out. 


03. Blotchy blush

05.	Makeup transfer

Your cheeks are prone to dryness during the winter. Applying blush on dry cheeks can give you flaky and blotchy flush and dry your cheeks out even more.

To avoid this, use only cream and liquid formulas when it comes to blusher. Moisturise your face well and then go on to apply your blush. A liquid or cream one will give you a smooth finish and won’t make your cheeks look dry, just rosy and gorgeous.   


04. Smudged eye makeup

05.	Makeup transfer

Winter wind equals watery eyes which further translates to smudgy mascara and liner trickling down your face. Winter tears are a real problem especially for girls who love eye makeup.

Keep the smudges and smears at bay by using waterproof eye makeup. Also, avoid putting on eye makeup like shadow, liner or mascara on your bottom lid and lashes. 


05. Makeup transfer

05.	Makeup transfer

Face makeup transferring to your high-neck jumpers, scarves and hoodies? It happens because you don’t lock your makeup well and it is worse when you’ve got seriously oily skin.

To keep your makeup from transferring to your winter woollies, apply some face powder to seal the deal. It keeps your base makeup intact even if your face comes in contact with your clothes.

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