A few years ago, getting our winged liners to match was the single most difficult task at hand (makeup-wise). But it’s 2020, and our makeup routine has gotten a lot more complicated since. Brows, for one, are really tricky to get right in one go.

In our quest to achieving darker, fuller-looking brows, we often end up going overboard. The result? Freakishly dark and thick brows that are anything but natural-looking or in a millennials words: #browfail.

A brow mishap like this can happen to the best of us, but instead of taking it all off (and silently crying inside), you can fix the mistake in under a minute. Yep, we’re serious. Wanna know how to fix ém over-filled brows? Scroll below to find out.


The hack:

The hack:

All you need is your translucent powder, a spoolie, tissue and, of course, some patience. Dab a tissue paper on the brows with a light hand (don’t swipe or you will ruin the makeup) to fade the colour. Next up, take your spoolie brush and run it through your translucent or finishing powder and gently tap to get the excess powder off the brush. Rub this brush on your brows gently until the pigment fades away. Aaand you’re done. Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

You’re welcome!