How To Get Pouty Lips

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 04, 2018
How to get pouty lips
It’s impossible to keep a track of what we subject our lips to. But one thing’s for sure, no matter what the season, they’re always in need of attention and care. If you’re always wondering how to get fuller lips, here are the three easiest ways we’ve zeroed in on…

Keep those lips well moisturised

To acquire a moisturised, plump and pink pout you can totally rely on Lakmé Lip Love Range. With an inner core that moisturises lips and an outer core that lends them a burst of colour, it’ll work double time.

Experiment with lips trends

Want a two toned pout? Take similar lip colours and apply them on your upper and lower lip. You can rely on the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pout in Pink Fantasy for the upper lip and the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pout in Starlet Red on the lower one. Voilà! That ombre-ish pout is yours.

Embrace a matte lip colour

Want to get pout perfect? Opt for a matte lip with high coverage and easy glide. Our pick is the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick in Pink Me Up for a pink pout or the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick in Maroon Magic to achieve that bold marsala mouth.

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