You’ve spent so much time trying out various filters to get that perfect-looking skin on Instagram, right? Well, you don’t need to do that anymore, thanks to Lakmé’s 9to5 Insta Light Crème, which will give you an instant glow that ensures your skin looks matte-perfect and photo-ready 24x7! Unbelievable? Read on to know more.
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Glowing face

The Lakmé 9to5 Insta Light Crème gives you an instant glow and stays on throughout the day. So, if your skin feels dull and there’s a sudden photo op at work, all you need to do is apply the crème—it’ll hide all that dullness and transform tired-looking skin into a gorgeous photo-ready face.

Recommended by a celebrated makeup artist

Celebrity hair and makeup artist Daniel Bauer vouches for the fact that this crème works like a magic potion on the skin. And when it comes from the guy who’s been doing the Lakmé Fashion Week’s grand finale look season after season, we wouldn’t take his advice lightly! “Unlike other fairness products that take days or weeks for the effects to show, Lakmé’s 9to5 Insta Light has light and reflection particles that give skin a glow immediately. With the wonders of luminising pearls and mineral powder, women can now have brighter looking skin instantly!” he says. And we believe him.

Seamlessly blends

There’s no other way to say this: Bad makeup and uneven skin shows—on camera and off it. This problem gets even worse when we’re trying to manage sunscreen and foundation and then some compact to mattify things! So, obviously, as Lakmé’s 9to5 Insta Light Crème does all of this while delivering on its matte promise, it must be added to your makeup arsenal to ensure that you sport an even skin tone all the time. No more bad pictures, ladies!