Droopy eyes can be a result of age or sleeplessness. Either way, they’re not pretty ‘cause they leave you looking tired, old and exhausted.

The eye area is delicate, sensitive and usually the first part to show the signs of ageing. That’s why the best way to look refreshed and young is by taking your eye game a notch higher. We haven’t discovered the fountain of youth, but we sure have discovered makeup. A little mascara here and a little eyeliner there takes years off your face and gives your eyes a lifted effect instantly. All you got to do is learn how to ace it, we’ll show you how.

how to give eyes a lifted effect instantly

Feline flicks

Taking your bold black liquid liner and drawing upward feline flicks on the edges of your eyes not only looks stunning, but it also creates the illusion of lifted eyes instantly. This little trick brings the edges to a high point and the dark colour makes the eyes appear more open and bigger. Take cues from Ariana Grande who is always seen sporting her signature feline flicks.

how to give eyes a lifted effect instantly

False lashes

If you haven’t discovered the powers of falsies yet, we suggest you order a pair right away! False lashes give an elegant winged look and take the focus off lines and wrinkles around the eye area. Try feathered lashes as they have more volume and give your eyes the perfect cat eye look. This creates the illusion of lifted eyes and works well when you’re trying to achieve an evening look.

Image courtesy: Pinterest