How To Groom Your Brows At Home During The Lockdown

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
How to groom your brows at home during the lockdown

If your brows are anything like mine – messy and unkempt– then you’d totally understand the pain of not being able to get them shaped and plucked like you regularly do. This means, by the time the 21-day lockdown is lifted, your brows would start resembling a bear’s -- unkempt and bushy AF!

But if you follow exactly what we are about to tell you, then things won’t go (very) out of hand. These eyebrow grooming tips will come really in handy in keeping your eyebrows looking… well, decent while in quarantine.


Only use tweezers

In case you’re scared, please leave them be

It is completely understandable if you feel like waxing or threading those stray hair, but we urge you to refrain from doing that. It is best to leave these methods to a professional. In the meanwhile, you can use a tweezer to pluck any extra hair that you see. Trap the hair in between a tweezer and pull it in the direction of the hair growth.


Stick to the safe areas

In case you’re scared, please leave them be

Even when you are tweezing, please avoid going overboard with it. Stick to areas that are easy to reach and only pluck stray hair. Tweeze your unibrows, forehead, and under the brow. Do not, we repeat, do to end up over-plucking and ruining your brows in the process.


Trim longer hair with a pair of scissors

In case you’re scared, please leave them be

When you are maintaining your brows at home, we suggest you use a pair of scissors since it’s easier and can make a huge difference in the appearance of your brows. But here’s a word of caution – always trim one individual hair at a time. Pick the one that’s the longest and snip at an angle to prevent your brows from losing shape.


Be extremely prudent

In case you’re scared, please leave them be

Remember that this is a desperate measure and that less is definitely more in this case. Only pluck stray hair and avoid shaping your brows at all costs. If in this process you do end up over-plucking or ruining one of your brows, please let it be and don’t go ahead and ruin the other brow by trying to match the two. The hair will grow out eventually and since you literally have nowhere to be, we suggest you leave the brow alone.


In case you’re scared, please leave them be

In case you’re scared, please leave them be

Girls, during this lockdown, make eyebrow products your best friends because they do an amazing job at making overgrown eyebrows look pretty darn good. If you are nervous about plucking or trimming your brows, we suggest you avoid doing that altogether. You can also use this opportunity to let your brows grow out and wait till you can get them professionally trimmed. This way, you can finally have the thick brows you’ve always wanted!

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