Meticulously blending your concealer so that you have an even, natural finish, only for it to settle into the fine lines and wrinkles you covered up an hour earlier, is frustrating (to say the least). But it's a common problem. One of the hardest things about makeup is applying it on mature skin and giving it a natural, youthful finish.

One of the biggest mistakes you could make while trying to cover up the wrinkles is choosing the wrong shade.  A concealer that is too light will leave your skin looking chalky, which will only draw more attention to the fine lines and wrinkles. Always pick a hydrating formula that has a buildable medium to full coverage as it would be less likely to get cakey and emphasise what you're trying to conceal. Try to avoid matte finish concealers as they tend to stick and are not as easily blendable. Instead, we recommend you to go for a weightless concealer that provides you with coverage as well as moisture.

Now that you know the kind of concealer to pick, here’s how to conceal fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area.


How to:

How to:

Step 01: Before applying concealer, apply a generous amount of primer. But remember to pat the product into your skin instead of rubbing it in. This will provide a smooth canvas, helping you conceal the fine lines and wrinkles more effectively. 

Step 02: When covering fine lines and wrinkles, always remember to start with a really small amount. This will ensure that the concealer does not look too heavy.

Step 03: Apply it in thin layers and make sure to blend well.

Step 04: Make sure that you’re applying the concealer immediately after foundation. Use a fluffy brush to set it in place with translucent powder.