Follow These Beauty Tips To Look Your Best On Zoom Calls With Minimum Efforts

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Follow these beauty tips to look your best on Zoom calls with minimum efforts

Working from home is no longer frowned upon; instead, it’s become the new normal. All our in-office tasks, including brainstorming sessions and important meetings, have been moved online too. While we’ve gotten used to working in our comfiest of pyjamas with our hair tied up in a messy bun, it’s essential to take the efforts to look presentable for a meeting. And no, we’re not asking you to do the whole shebang, but instead, follow these five beauty tips to look presentable and pretty on your next Zoom call.


Tip #01: Use a facial oil

Tip #05: Swipe on a nude lippie

Well-moisturised and nourished skin is something that shines through even on a video call. Dab on some facial oil after applying your moisturiser to give your face that radiant, lit-from-within glow.


Tip #02: Use the tiniest amount of concealer

Tip #05: Swipe on a nude lippie

Since you aren’t meeting people in person, you can skip doing your entire base makeup and stick to concealing only the problem areas using a tiny amount of concealer. Remember that the camera blurs a lot of your imperfections, and as long as you’re sitting in an upright position in a well-lit room and wearing the right clothes, dabbing a bit of concealer under your eyes, around your mouth and on the blemishes is more than enough.


Tip #03: Apply some blush

Tip #05: Swipe on a nude lippie

Apply a vibrant blush to make your face pop. Adding some colour to your cheeks will add more life to your look and make your skin look healthy and youthful.


Tip #04: Coat your lashes with mascara

Tip #05: Swipe on a nude lippie

Next, curl your lashes and coat them with mascara. This will help open up your peepers and successfully conceal the fact that you were binge-watching your favourite shows until the wee hours of the morning.


Tip #05: Swipe on a nude lippie

Tip #05: Swipe on a nude lippie

Wearing a dusty pink or nude lip colour will instantly perk up your appearance and make you fresh. It will give you an instant facelift and make you look perfectly put together.

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