Picked Up A Wrong Foundation? Here Is How You Can Put That Wrong Foundation To Good Use

Written by Nida SayyedSep 16, 2023
Picked up a wrong foundation? Here is how you can put that wrong foundation to good use

Ended up picking the wrong shade or texture of foundation? Damn those deceptive store lights!! Well, foundation is something that needs to be just accurate and the wrong shade just won’t do. But what to do when you return home with the wrong foundation?

Well, you can actually make some use of the wrong shade of foundation and here is how...


If your foundation is too light

If you have combination skin

Almost everyone has made the mistake of buying a foundation too light for them. If you have a light shade of foundation lying around, use it as a highlighting concealer! This is a great way to use up the product. You can also use the light foundation as your eyeshadow primer. It will provide a blank canvas for your eyeshadows and will help make your eyeshadow pop!


If your foundation is too dark

If you have combination skin

Store lights can be very misleading. Under the bright lights, it is very easy for us to pick shades that are a bit too dark when we get home. But get your money’s worth by using your dark foundation to contour or bronze up you makeup. You can also use it in the crease of your eye to make your crease appear deeper and some more definition.


If your foundation is too greasy

If you have combination skin

Our skin tends to change with the seasons. So the foundation you bought for drier days may not work for you now. If your foundation has started getting greasy in a few hours, try this hack. Apply a mattifying primer and set it with a light layer of translucent powder or your favourite compact powder. Apply your foundation on top in stippling or dabbing motions. The powder will absorb any oil produced by your skin and keep you looking fresh for longer.


If your foundation is too drying

If you have combination skin

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a foundation that is ready to tear our skin apart. Drying foundations not only ruin our makeup but also hurt and irritate our skin. Mix in a little bit of your favourite moisturiser in your foundation if it’s too drying for you. For extra hydration, try mixing a drop or two of facial oils with your foundation. Oils like argan oil and jojoba oil are ideal for mixing in with foundation.



If you have combination skin

If you have combination skin

Does your foundation dry out certain areas or gets too oily in some areas? Use different foundations for different parts of your face. If your T-zone gets oily fast, use a matte foundation on your T-zone. For the dry areas, use a dewy foundation and blend the two. Layer a powder foundation on your oily areas to lock the greasiness away.

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