Let’s admit it! We all have had eyeshadow palettes that have spent a little too much time on your beauty shelf waiting for you to use them, until, alas, they have to be discarded. And we do not exaggerate when we say it feels like giving away a piece of your heart. *sigh* What if we tell you that you can upcycle your expired or I-don’t-use-it-anymore eyeshadow to make a custom nail colour? Excited?

If you have a dark eyeshadow colour that is lying in your shelf for years now, simply make a stunning new nail polish out of it. It sounds like a task, but you can achieve it in only five easy steps. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

diy make nail polish out of old eyeshadow

Step 01: Take a bottle of clear nail polish (you only need about two thirds of the bottle, so you can use an old one).

Step 02: Now, crush the eyeshadow thoroughly so that you achieve a powdery formula. Make sure that there are no lumps in the powder.

Step 03: Make a cone out of a smooth paper to serve as a funnel.

Step 04: With the help of the paper funnel, pour the eyeshadow powder into the bottle of clear polish. If you find any powder to be stuck at the mouth of the bottle, then take a toothpick to push down any leftovers.

Step 05: Close the bottle and shake it well so that you get an opaque new nail polish colour, ready for use!