How To Make The Most Of Your Concealer

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 19, 2018
On days when foundation is a bit much for our skin yet we need that bit of coverage, we rely on our concealer. Not only is it our go-to product to hide our dark circles but it’s also our solution to concealing those pesky dark spots. But we got lucky when we discovered how one concealer can actually turn into a multipurpose product! Don’t believe us? Here are the many ways in which you can apply concealer...

BB pro tip

Contour your face

Before we go into the details of how you can use your concealer in many ways, make sure you get your hands on a concealer that works for your skin tone. We suggest relying on the Lakmé Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick with SPF 20. This one comes in fair and medium shades that give you coverage along with protection from the sun.


Highlight your brow bone

Contour your face

We wouldn’t be caught dead without doing our brows. If you belong to our team, there’s one big makeup tip to making your brows stand out even more! Use your concealer to highlight your brow bone so the shape of your brows comes into focus. Use this makeup tip as a finishing step once your eyebrows have been filled in.


Use it an eyeshadow base

Contour your face

If like us, your eyeshadow doesn’t stay put for too long, you need this trick, stat! Use your concealer as an eyeshadow base. Just like you layer your skin care routine, you also need to layer your eyeshadow routine and the one way to do this is by creating a canvas for your eyeshadow by first applying just a wee bit of concealer. Blend it in and then add the eyeshadows to your lids and crease.


Give your lips definition

Contour your face

If your lips are pigmented, you’re not alone. We often feel like the colour pay off of our fave lipstick isn’t what we’d like it to be. We found out that because of the little pigmentation on our lips, the actual colour of the lipstick is lost. This is when we smeared just a little concealer on our fingers and then applied it to our lips. But we applied very little because we didn’t want to lose out on the original colour of our lips. Once that was done, we used our lipstick to achieve maximum colour pay off.


Clean your mistakes

Contour your face

Even though we love makeup, we’re tad bit lazy. So when our mascara gets smeared a little bit, we use our good ol’ concealer to cover it up before we rush out of our home. Think this happens to you many times too? Use a high coverage concealer to try this trick!


Contour your face

Contour your face

You know that time you ordered a concealer that turned out to be too dark for your skin tone? Lucky for you ‘coz now you can actually use it to contour. Don’t bother investing in a contouring kit. Instead just use your deep concealer on your cheekbones and jawline to give yourself a chiseled look.

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