Stepping out of a salon with a fresh new manicure feels great, no doubt. But, luxury manicures every month may not be the most economical option after all. That’s when DIY manicures come to the rescue! While applying a regular polish is no big deal, the challenge is to go a little extra with your mani game. Doing a French manicure at home may require practice, but once you master the art, there’s just no looking back!

To help you ease into the process, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step tutorial to ace French manicures at home…

Tools you’ll need:

  • Nail buffer
  • Filer
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Nail guides/cello tape
  • Base polish
  • White nail polish

acing French manicure at home

Step 1: Clean

Before you go in for a French manicure, make sure that your nails are free of any polish residue and are absolutely clean. To prep your nails, clean the surface with nail polish remover and follow it up with buffing and shaping if required.

acing French manicure at home

Step 2: Cuticle care

Rough cuticles can come in the way of a flawless manicure. It is, therefore, important to give your cuticles some extra TLC. Either soak your fingers in warm water for a few minutes or apply cuticle oil for your cuticles to become soft. Once they are soft, grab a cuticle pusher and push them inside so your fingernails look neat and clean. You can use the opposite end of a cuticle pusher to remove dirt accumulated underneath your nails.

acing French manicure at home

Step 3: Buff them nails

Buffing plays an important role in ensuring that your manicure works smoothly on your nails. Therefore, buff the top of your nails to smoothen them and to prep them for the base coat which is to follow.

acing French manicure at home

Step 4: Base coat

Doesn’t matter whether you’re simply applying a regular polish or going a little extra with French mani, applying base coat is like creating a canvas for your nails to work on. Therefore, never forget to apply base coat while doing your manicure at home.

acing French manicure at home

Step 5: Base colour

Now, since this is French manicure, you want the tips to be the highlight of your nails. Therefore, pick a lighter hue for the base colour, such as pink or skin colour. A single coat should suffice. However, if you want your base colour to stand out, then apply double coats.

acing French manicure at home

Step 6: Place nail guides

Before you place nail guides on your nails, make sure that your base coat is dried completely, or else it may ruin your manicure. You can either place nail guides or simply use cello tape. However, de-glue the tape before placing it on your nails.

acing French manicure at home

Step 7: Paint your tips

Use a white nail polish to paint the tips of your nails. We suggest you get your hands on the Elle 18 Nail Pops Nail Polish - 39 and add double coats if required. Make sure you let the polish dry before going over with the second coat.

acing French manicure at home

Step 8: Top coat

Remove the guides or tape from your nails and finish off with a top coat. Allow this coat to dry for a couple of minutes. And voila!

Image courtesy: Pinterest