Each one us is definitely guilty of an over-zealous trip down the makeup aisle which has left our drawers and makeup kits overflowing with stuff. Acknowledging that it is far too much of an effort to weed through piles of tins and containers before you can find exactly what you need, the importance of makeup organisation is fast becoming paramount.
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If you see it, you will use it
Over the years, the most important aspect of storage and organisation has revolved around finding a solution that is easily scalable to incorporate new additions, durable to stand the test of time and enduring to allow for easy repairs and repeat purchases a few years into the future. When it comes to organising your makeup, ensuring that it is well ordered and easy to view will help guarantee that you actually use all your makeup!

Chest of drawers

Typically, a chest of drawers is a great place to start the organisation practice. As opposed to using multiple different pouches, allocating a single draw or maybe even two – dedicated to all your makeup will definitely help effectively categorise your products. More importantly, using drawer separators to classify various product categories is another tool that can exponentially improve your organisation skills.

Storing brushes
Nothing gives you as fresh and as finished a look as a good brush. Understandably, you would want to prevent your brushes from getting smashed and disoriented. For your makeup brushes, using a decorative toothbrush holder or a plain jar with coffee beans filled in to allow the brushes to stand can sometimes work better than stacking them in a drawer compartment. Not only will this make the brushes easier to use, but it will also allow the brushes to breathe and dry off if excess product is left on them.

Storing lipsticks
For your lipsticks and lip glosses, using a bead organiser is the ideal way to allow your lipsticks to stand. With the bottom facing upwards, organising your lip colours in this manner will allow you to easily pick from the various shades you own without having to open a bunch of different lipsticks before finding the right shade.

Let’s face it - most of us aren’t really extreme neat freaks. It’s time to toss that cracked eyeshadow, the six tubes of identical mascara and the lipstick that you loved in 2004. We know that clutter causes anxiety. It’s time for a complete overhaul. Beat the anxiety, crack that whip and get organised ladies!