Find The Right Foundation Coverage For Every Look...

Written by Nida SayyedSep 16, 2023
Find the right foundation coverage for every look...

Every makeup lover knows that when it comes to foundations, the struggle is real! Choosing the right foundation can be overwhelming—the many shades to pick from, the many textures to choose from. It’s not easy acing that foundation game.

That said, foundations are important. Your foundation coverage can make or break your makeup look and we at BeBeautiful totally get it. So allow us to help you make the right foundation choice.

Here’s how to pick the right foundation coverage for any occasion...


Light coverage

Heavy coverage

Light coverage is ideal for natural looks like no-makeup makeup or glass skin makeup. Eye makeup plays a very important role in determining the coverage you need. If you’re going for a light, fresh and cute eye look, go for light coverage. This will tie the look together by making things look fairly natural.

This is the perfect coverage for college on daily basis.


Medium coverage

Heavy coverage

Medium coverage is ideal for everyday looks. You can try sharp wings to very dewy, natural look with medium coverage. If you have acne, medium coverage is for you for everyday use. A full coverage or thick foundation may exaggerate your skin texture. However, a medium coverage will hide acne but won’t accentuate the bumps.


Heavy coverage

Heavy coverage

When you’re in the mood for dark smokey eyes, it’s full coverage time. Your base makeup should match heavy eye makeup. If you’re going for a dark smokey eye, make sure you use a full coverage, highlighting concealer as well. This will lift your face and make your eye look pop. Your eye makeup must compliment your foundation.

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