Monsoons and makeup aren’t the best of friends. But you build a working relationship between the two by taking some simple measures—prepping your skin pre-makeup and using the right products to fight the crazy humidity. Here are a few simple tips… Prep your skin

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Ice, ice baby!

After washing your face with a cleanser meant for your skin type, rub ice gently on face and neck for 5 minutes. This will help keep your makeup put it will reduce sweating and make your skin produce less oil through the day.

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Make blotting papers your best friend

You can’t control the weather but as long as you’re prepared nothing can stop you from looking gorgeous even in the face of monsoon humidity. Stock up on blotting papers and use them everytime you sweat or get wet. Remember to pat and not rub the oil off because that can cause a serious makeup faux pas.

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Grab a face mist

Make one for yourself with the help of ingredients in your kitchen. If you have dry skin add 5-6 cucumber slices to a bowl of cold water and leave it overnight. Remove the slices and fill the water in a spray can and use it before applying makeup every day. For those with oily skin, you can rely cold green tea (as a mist or a splash) since it controls the production of excess oil and gives your face a healthy glow.


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The monsoon humidity makes your skin lose a lot of moisture. Replenish by moisturising your face atleast twice a day. This also helps your makeup from running down your face as the moisturiser keeps your makeup intact.

Reserve foundations for non-sweaty days and rely on your BB or CC cream for required coverage. Follow this up with some compact or translucent powder for an oil-free finish.

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Powder eyeshadow and waterproof eyeliner (we love the new Lakmé Absolute Gloss Artist) is the way to go. Skip mascara as excessive humidity tends to make your eyelashes harder.

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Head straight to matte finishes in nude or bright colours. It stays put all day long and when you lock it in by dusting on a bit of translucent powder there’s no chance it will melt off your face even if you get drenched.