If you have always been on the safer side while choosing colours for your makeup palette, and want to see how people live on the other side of the fence, now is the time! Whatever gets you going, bubblegum colours or vampy ones (any takers for blue lipstick?), bright, bold colours are taking over the beauty world. Of course, there is a way to wear and balance bold makeup. After all, how many colours can you really wear at a time so you don’t end up looking like someone straight outta movie ‘It’?

Yes, it is risky business! But, you’re in luck, as we have some beauty pro-tips to help you pull off bold makeup and look like you've been doing it all your life.

How to pull off bold makeup

Pick the right blush

Always pick a blush with your skin tone in mind so it looks natural and complements your skin. If you have fair to light skin, go with pink or peach coloured blushes. Try a warmer orange if you have medium to wheatish skin tone. Bold colours like a bright orange and pink work well on dusky skin tones.

How to pull off bold makeup

Consider your eye colour for eye makeup

You usually don’t put too much thought while choosing the eyeshadow shade, but here is why you should. The eyeshadow shade that is opposite to your eye colour balances the look and brightens your eyes. Pinks and blue for brown eyes, oranges and rusts for blue eyes and browns and purples for green eyed beauties is the best bet.  

How to pull off bold makeup

Let your lip colour complement your eyeshadow

If you’re going for a bold eye makeup look, with two or more striking colours on your lids, don’t use a third one on your lips. Wear a soft pink or nude shade to balance your colourful eyes. You can try the colour blocking trend by using two contrasting colours for eyes and lip but more than two shades is a no-go.  

How to pull off bold makeup

Keep it balanced

Balance is key when it comes to makeup. Go for an orange pout or blue smokey eye but not all at once. Blue and orange or red and green together can be a little cringe-worthy and weird. Don’t hold back from trying new and brave colours like deep blue, green and yellow in your look but remember to team colours that go together.

How to pull off bold makeup

Steer clear of shimmer

Adding glitters and shimmery makeup when you’re already playing with colours can be overkill. Work with flat colours and keep it chic and simple. Also, for the base, go for a dewy or matte finish and a glowy highlighter and let your eyes and lips do all the talking.

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