Does Your Makeup Look Dull By Mid-Day? This Is How To Refresh It Instantly!

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Does your makeup look dull by mid-day? This is how to refresh it instantly!

We’ve all been in this situation. It’s 5 PM, you’re about to leave work to meet a few friends for a drink, you go to the washroom to check your makeup in the mirror, and wow, what just happened?

Even if you’ve just spent an entire day typing away at your desk, it is not impossible for your makeup to melt and make you look like a weather-worn ship captain. This obviously needs you to do your makeup all over again, right? Wrong!

There is a way to smartly steer your face back on track without having to start all over. (We surprised you there, didn’t we?) Here are five simple ways to refresh your makeup after a long day and make sure you’re looking beautiful well into the night. 


Dab on some foundation

Switch to a bright lipstick

Yes, applying primer is absolutely necessary, but even so, primers, foundations, tinted moisturisers, or BB and CC creams inevitably rub off within a few hours of application. If you live in a humid place, sweat and pollution take a toll on the wear time of your foundation. To fix an uneven complexion, lightly dab some foundation on with a wet sponge. Wetting the sponge ensures that you need very little product and you get a flawless application.


Concealer for the win

Switch to a bright lipstick

Post foundation, it is now time to conceal the trouble spots, under-eye circles, blemishes, you get the drift. Add another coat of protection with concealer. The trick to concealer is applying the correct colour for your specific issue. When covering under-eye circles, use a concealer shade that is slightly lighter than your usual skin tone as this will help cover the circles and brighten up the area.


Blush and highlighter

Switch to a bright lipstick

As the day progresses, your blush and highlighter keep fading. Therefore, it is vital to reapply blush to give your cheeks an instant pick-me-up. Start by applying some highlighter onto the high points of your face and blend thoroughly. Next, grab a bright blush and apply it using a makeup brush. Start on the apples of your cheeks and brush it back toward your ear. Applying highlighter before the blush will give your face that lovely lit-from-within glow that we love.


Brighten up the eyes

Switch to a bright lipstick

If you’re looking for something that will instantly perk up your look, eyeshadow is your best bet. Simply add a swipe of shadow to brighten up your entire eye. Then apply a white or cream shadow to your brush and lightly dab it on the inner corner of your eye. It will instantly brighten up your face.


Switch to a bright lipstick

Switch to a bright lipstick

Nothing screams fresh like a pop-coloured lipstick and some blush. While you have already taken care of the latter in the previous step, it’s time to do your lips. Bolder colours such as reds, fuchsias, magentas and purples help brighten your entire face. Think of a bold lipstick as your 30-second fix for that fresh, bright complexion.

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