We’ve all had that moment. After walking around wearing that newly bought beautiful white top all day, being particularly careful during lunch break, you come home and slip it over your head to remove it, and instant regret! There’s more foundation on your top than on your face!

The immediate thing you do is rush to the sink and use the first soap you can get your hands on to wash it off, fearing that your top will never look the same. Sound familiar? The next time this happens to you, don’t be disheartened. A little patience and this trick will revive your white top back to its former glory.

how to remove foundation stains from your clothes

Step 1: Hold the stained neckline or any other part that has the mark in your hand.

Step 2: Now spritz some shaving cream onto the stain. Ensure you are using a cream and not gel.

Step 3: Allow the shaving cream work its magic for two to three minutes.

Step 4: Use your fingertips or a cloth to rub the shaving cream on the stained part. Rub firmly to make sure the shaving cream is doing what we expect it to do!

Step 5: Carefully wash out the shaving cream. Use cold water as hot water can make matters worse by setting the stain into the fabric.

Step 6: If any foundation residue is left, spray on some more shaving cream and try again, use warm water this second time.

P.S: This trick only works on liquid foundations that are not oil-based.

Image courtesy: Pinterest