Is there a right way to remove makeup? Well, there are a few different ways—not just one—to get the junk off your skin. The trick is to use your fingertips while cleansing and be completely gentle in terms of the amount of pressure you apply, as the facial skin tissue is very delicate and thin.
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A regular face steam

One way to get rid of your makeup, while opening your pores and not irritating your skin, would be to get a face steam! You can do it within the comfort of your own home, either with a regular steaming machine or by bending (while inclining your face) over a pot of hot water (with a towel over your head). After the session, you must cleanse and tone your face; this will help you get rid of the grime that seeped into your skin during the steaming session.

Cleansing milk

Cleansing milk is a super effective and extremely gentle way of getting rid of the makeup on your skin, especially when it comes to removing long-wearing eyeliner or kajal from the ever-so-delicate eye area.

Cleansing oil

Cleansing oil (or butter) works wonders when it comes to removing makeup because it possesses gentle ingredients, like chamomile, which break down the chemicals present in makeup. One drawback is that the oil could make the makeup seep deeper into the skin. To combat that, you could gently massage your skin with the cleansing oil and then using a foam-based solution to remove any final traces of dirt/grime.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly works almost as effectively as a cleansing oil, except that it leaves a trail of residue—so you might want to use it in moderation, and cleanse off using warm water and a clean towel (infused with a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil.)

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