3 Surprising Ways To Re-Use Your Old Mascara Wand

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
3 surprising ways to re-use your old mascara wand

About to discard your old mascara? Hang in there… while you can toss that mascara, save the wand! Why, you ask? Because it can prove to be your ultimate saviour in many situations. From helping you tame those pesky flyaways to brushing your brows and hydrating your lashes; we suggest you re-use and recycle your old mascara wand, and make the most of it.

While every girl has her essential beauty products such as blotting sheets, setting sprays and tissue papers handy at all times, it’s ideal to add a mascara wand to your kit. Here are three surprising ways to use your old mascara wand.

PS: Clean it properly before you put your mascara wand to some other use

How to reuse old mascara wands

#1: To exfoliate your lips

Yes, you read that right! Did you know? Using your old (but clean) mascara wand is an effective way of exfoliating your lips, and no, it doesn’t feel harsh at all. All you need to do is load your wand with Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly or lip scrub or even olive oil mixed with sugar granules. Then, go over your lips with the wand creating swift circular motions to remove all the chapped bits and to slough off dead skin.

How to reuse old mascara wands

#2: To remove your cuticles

Rough cuticles come in the way of a stunning manicure, but most of the times, we have to just live with it. Well, not anymore! If you’ve been dealing with rough cuticles, then this hack is going to sort your life (and your nail’s). All you need to do is apply a cuticle remover cream, and if you don’t have it, then just reach for olive oil. Apply it on your cuticles and leave it on for about two to three minutes to soak up and soften the cuticles. Then, grab your clean mascara wand and buff the base of your nails very gently to get rid of any ugly bits.

How to reuse old mascara wands

#3: To hydrate your eyelashes

If you have scanty eyelashes, then it’s ideal to apply Vitamin E-rich oil, either almond or castor oil every night. Doing so will not only hydrate your lashes but also make them fuller and thicker. Wondering how exactly should you apply oil on your lashes? Mascara wand to the rescue! Simply dip a clean mascara wand in the oil and coat your upper as well as lower lashes with it. Let the oil sit overnight and wash off the next morning. Repeat this for a week if you want noticeable results.

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