How To Salvage Your Brows If You Have Over-Plucked Them

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
How to salvage your brows if you have over-plucked them

All of us have been in a situation where our eyebrows have looked nothing like how we wished. Either you ended up over-plucking them to get the perfect shape, or the parlour wali didi simply forgot to follow instructions, either way, your eyebrows were screwed.

While this situation is completely heartbreaking, you’ll be surprised to know that there ways to minimise the mess. Below are certain things you can do to salvage this situation if (god forbid) it ever comes up again…


Allow your brows to grow naturally

Try micro blading

If your brows have been ruined for whatever reason, resist the urge to thread, wax, pluck or groom them. It is best to leave them as is for a few weeks at least. This will allow the brows to grow out. Depending on your hair growth, eyebrows usually take one or two months to completely grow back. Wait until that much time if you want your eyebrows to go back to being normal.


Fill them in

Try micro blading

After your initial panic subsides and you have calmed down, you will realise that there are ways you can cover the mess. There are always plenty of eyebrow products that you can use to fill in the sparse areas. To ensure that your eyebrows look natural, use a thin eyebrow pencil or a fine powder for the job. Use upward, short strokes that mimic hair-like texture in the natural direction of the hair growth.


Apply castor oil regularly

Try micro blading

Castor oil is a great natural remedy that accelerates hair growth and ensures that your eyebrows start looking normal in no time. This carrier oil is filled with essential fatty acids that encourage hair growth and will make your eyebrows look even more beautiful and thicker on growing back.


Try micro blading

Try micro blading

If you have been plucking and threading your brows for years, sometimes they just won’t grow back to normal, no matter how much you try. This is when you can look for various cosmetic eyebrow enhancing options. Microblading is a semi-permanent way to fill in the sparse areas of your eyebrows by depositing a coloured pigment under the skin’s surface. Since the results can last up to a year, you can wave goodbye to your eyebrow products.

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