How To Stop Your Makeup From Melting In The Heat

Written by Team BBOct 06, 2016
Girls, we’ve all faced the ordeal of makeup melting when we’ve stepped out in the sun, right? The humidity affects the skin adversely and more so, when it’s covered with layers of makeup. But the silver lining here is that there are some easy-peasy solutions to this problem. Don’t believe us? See for yourself as we give you tips on how to keep your makeup in place in this hot weather.

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Light makeup

Say no to cakey, heavy makeup this season. It’s going to be a tough call for makeup lovers but there’s absolutely no place for heavy makeup in this irritable weather. Use BB creams, translucent powders or just keep it sheer. Besides, using too much makeup in this weather will only increase the chances of acne and zits. And we bet you love your skin a lot more than you do cosmetics to let it face this tough ordeal, right?

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Waterproof everything

It’s the golden rule in the summer beauty bible – every makeup product ought to be waterproof. If you haven’t already, hit the stores to buy yourself a few basic waterproof products like the Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner and Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara and you’ll be saving yourself the embarrassment of your mascara smudging in the middle of a summer party. We’ve seen it and we know it!

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Use ice cubes

Rubbing an ice cube for about 10 minutes before applying makeup is going to work magically for you. Apart from the general benefits of ice cubes on the face (they close pores and your skin will love them in this weather) they’re also perfect pre-makeup. How? Because ice cools your face and allows your skin to hold on to the makeup longer. Low on effort, high on pay off!

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Face spritzer

A face spritzer is a must have in your beauty bag this summer. The simplest way is spraying some rose water on the face that will help cool your skin and in turn settle your makeup. Lazy girls, this one’s totally your thing!

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Blotting paper

You’re bound to sweat the minute you step out in the sun. The solution lies in carrying blotting sheets of paper in your bag! These magical papers will instantly absorb oil sweat and grime and save you from that dreaded pimple the next day.

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