Whether you are travelling or are at home, storing makeup is a task. Do you often find that your nail polish has gotten gloopy, your mascara has dried out, the hand cream’s gone thin or the foundation’s turned two-toned? If yes, then your makeup kit is suffering from the ruinous effects of a heat wave. 

Given below are some of the ways that you can organize and store your makeup in a proper way.


Messy Drawer:

How to  avoid Messy Drawer:

Get rid of all other things in that messy drawer or cabinet apart from your makeup stuff. This way, you will never again misplace any of your favourite eye shadow or nail polish.


Clear Up The Mess:

How to clear up the mess of your makeup product :

Don’t cram your entire makeup in one place. That tends to destroy the whole of it. Clear out all the crammed makeup products and place them neatly in separate drawers and cabinets. If you have transparent drawers, use them since it will help you easily look through all the different makeup products that you have.


Put Dividers

Put Dividers To Clear Up The Mess :

Adding dividers to your drawer will help you better sort your makeup. Group the similar things together, such as all the different coloured lipsticks, the blushes, etc. Keep them together and if needed, mark them for better clarity.


Beauty Board

Beauty Board  To Clear Up The Mess :

If you don’t have a beauty board, you might as well make one to store all your beauty products properly. Put a metal sheet in a fabric, frame it and hang it on your wall. Glue some magnets onto the back of the products and put them on the board. You can even stick Velcro dots to your wall and to the back of the products to keep them from falling to the floor.


Stand For Brushes

Stand For Brushes  To Clear Up The Mess :

Don’t know how to keep all your brushes together? Well, all you need to do is to take a stand, fill it up with some marbles and then, make the brushes stand inside. This will keep them from touching one other and also from being lost or destroyed.


Organize By Colour

Organize By Colour To Clear Up The Mess :

If you like to organize things in a particular way, go right ahead. You can always organize the products by their colour. Everyone will be pretty amazed as to how efficiently you’re able to keep it all together.



Reuse To Clear Up The Mess :

If you have some old jars or empty perfume bottles, then use them as stands for keeping your products. Use empty holders to keep your brushes, mascaras, eyeliners or lip liners in line and in order.



Tray To Clear Up The Mess :

If you like to keep it classic, then go for the tray. Place a cloth or tissue paper to cover the tray so that the products, if left open by mistake, don’t damage your tray. Arrange all the products neatly across the length and breadth of the tray.


Product Junkie

Product Junkie To Clear Up The Mess :

If you think that you may accidentally spoil your products or spill some water onto them, place them in a product junkie so that they stay well protected. You can even hang it right next to your mirror or on the door or on your dressing table so that you are able to access it easily.


Pack It Up

Pack It Up  To Clear Up The Mess :

Suitcases can be useful for more than just packing your bags, in fact, you can pack up your entire makeup in it. If you have your grandmother’s old suitcase with you, grab hold of it and arrange all your makeup inside it. You can always add some extra sections using dividers to keep everything neat and separate.