To Throw Or To Keep: How To Tell If Your Beauty Products Have Expired

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
To throw or to keep: How to tell if your beauty products have expired

Unfortunately, like some of the best things in life, beauty products also don’t last forever. You have to say goodbye to that limited edition lipstick and throw away that eyeshadow palette your BFF gifted you *sobs*. If you haven’t looked at those little details on your beauty products, or don’t remember when you bought that mascara you’ve been applying for quite a while now, it’s time to start paying attention.

Using beauty products past their expiry date is not only gross but can also lead to a lot of skin problems. The bacteria harboured on these expired products can sometimes also lead to skin irritation and breakouts. The best way to identify an expired product is through the expiry date of course, but there are certain other ways to tell too. Here are the signs to look out for.


Foul smell

Chalky finish

If your makeup or skincare product once had a great scent, but now smells like gasoline or vinegar, throw it out right away! It has definitely gone bad and you don’t want to walk around wearing a product that smells awful. Plus, it will end up irritating your skin.



Chalky finish

This sign is the easiest to spot. If the pigment of your makeup product has changed, then it is not going to do any good for you. Get rid of it ASAP! If your liquid foundation that once looked perfect on your skin has started to look paler, it’s time to throw it.


Uneven application

Chalky finish

Another way to identify whether your beauty product has gone bad is through its application. Does that creamy bullet lipstick that went on smoothly once not glide on your lips anymore? Well, you know what to do! The texture of your lip gloss, liquid eyeliner and lip balm also change to streaky and globby.


Skin irritation

Chalky finish

We suggest looking at the packaging or other signs before putting it on your skin and ending up with irritated skin. But if you do end up applying such a product on your skin and it starts to itch, then throw it out ASAP.


Chalky finish

Chalky finish

Some products develop a chalky white film or white spots on the surface that cannot be scraped off or sharpened. If this happens, it’s time to bid farewell.

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