The Bb Rulebook To Tweezing Your Eyebrows

Written by Chandni GhoshDec 13, 2018
The beauty game may have advanced to a great extent and we’ve moved to waxing unwanted hair and plucking our brows at salons. But when it comes to removing stray hair that comes in the way of achieving perfect brows, we rely on the good ol’ tweezer. A quick solution to getting rid of extra hair that spoils the shape of our brows, this one works wonders for us lazy girls who find it a task to hit the salon every now and then. But that doesn’t mean using this product is a cakewalk. Even tweezing your brows requires some precision. Here are a few tips for the next time you try it out.
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Choose the right tweezer

The kind of tweezer you opt for has an impact on the process of tweezing and determines how effectively you can shape your brows. If your brows are soft, go for a slanting tweezer. These have an angled edge and are the most widely used tweezers. If your brows are extremely thick, you might need to opt for a thin point tweezer. They have the power to remove a splinter quickly, especially when you have coarse eyebrows. You can also opt for point-slant tip tweezers. These have a slant tips but are also pointed and since they aren’t as sharp as point-tip tweezers, they don’t even hurt much.

Bathe before tweezing

A lukewarm bath before tweezing will ensure that the hair follicles loosen up and it will be easy for you to tweeze out the hair. Oh and this will also make the process of tweezing less painful!

Keep a spoolie brush handy

If you ask us we always rely on the spoolie brush, which basically grooms your brow hair and helps you spot uneven and extra hair. All you need to do is brush the brow hair upwards and if there’s any hair that looks out of place, you need to tweeze that out.

Say no to scissors

While tweezing, you might spot uneven hair in between your brows or on the sides. This might make you reach out for a pair of scissors in order to trim the brows. But truth is that this will make your brow growth rough and you’ll end up with bushy brows eventually. Also, if you happen to have unsteady hands, you may even do a bad job at trimming them. Worse, there are chances of hurting yourself too.

Finish out by filling them in

Always envied Cara Delevingne for her bold brows? After having used the tweezer, make sure you fill in empty spaces with a brow pencil. We suggest you use the Lakmé Eyebrow Pencil that’ll help you finish out the power brow look.

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