How To Upgrade Your Makeup Kit For The Monsoon

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 25, 2018
We’re unapologetic lovers of makeup. But in the event of a downpour, we’re often left with raccoon eyes or a runny base. This is why you must rely on the right monsoon makeup—one that doesn’t leave you embarrassed after a cloud burst. If you’ve been looking for some monsoon makeup tips, we’re here to help you out…


Makeup base

Powder blushers will easily run down during the rains. What you need is a cream blusher that will stay put during the monsoons. These are water-friendly, and ideally, it makes most sense to mix a powder blush with a BB cream so the colour stays on your cheeks longer.

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Makeup base

A liquid liner will easily run down during the rains. You need to rely on a gel-based liner that won’t fade away despite the humidity.

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Makeup base

Glossy lips are sure to bleed during this season. You need a matte lipstick that will give you maximum coverage and won’t get sticky or smudge while it pours.

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Makeup base

Who doesn’t like power brows, right? But the monsoons can mean trying times for your eyebrows. Instead of using brow powders that will run down easily, you must opt for a pencil that will stick better on your skin.

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Makeup base

Makeup base

It’s best to go for a lighter base that won’t be too heavy during this season. Also, this is the time you really need to allow your skin to breathe. The humidity is sure to make you sweat, which eventually makes your base look cakey. Hence, it’s best to opt for a light foundation or mousse.

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