A beauty blender or makeup sponge is a must-have in every beauty kit. Whether you are a makeup junkie, occasional makeup wearer, makeup artist or a novice, if you’ve ever used a makeup sponge, you will agree to this.

This beauty tool has been around for quite some time now, but has only risen to fame in the past few years, because it works like magic in giving your makeup that flawless finish. So, if you’ve never used one before, try our these tips to get the most out of your makeup sponge.

The correct way to use a beauty blender

Dampen the sponge before use

While a makeup sponge can be used wet and dry, it is best to dampen it before use, especially if you are using liquid foundation. Hold under running water, then squeeze out excess water using a dry paper towel. This prevents the sponge from absorbing too much product and gives your skin that dewy look.

The correct way to use a beauty blender

Don’t rub your makeup sponge

Gently dap or stipple your makeup sponge on the skin to get the best results. Dragging or rubbing the sponge against the skin will not give you that desired finish and will also shorten the life of your makeup sponge or beauty blender.

The correct way to use a beauty blender

Clean after every use

Just like any other makeup tool, cleaning your makeup sponge is important. Sponge absorbs everything it comes in contact with, including dead skin particles, dirt and bacteria, increasing the risk of skin breakouts and infections. Therefore, cleaning the sponge once a week is not enough. Regular users should wash it after every use to get rid of product build up and dirt.

The correct way to use a beauty blender

Can be used for skincare too

Some make up sponges are designed for multiple uses, so if you are only using it to ace that base, it’s time for your makeup sponge to pull up its socks. Makeup sponges have soft edges, which make them ideal for application of skincare products such as moisturisers, sunscreen and serums, especially around the delicate areas of your face.

The correct way to use a beauty blender

Store in ambient conditions

Cleansing your makeup sponge after every use isn’t enough, you also need to be careful about where you’re storing it. Avoid keeping them in ziplock bags or in the shower area where the chances of germs breeding on them are higher. Allow them to air dry and get enough sunlight.