How To Use A Compact

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 19, 2018
How to use a compact
If you had to buy just one item of makeup, it ought to be a compact. A light form of base makeup, a compact gives you just the right amount of coverage you need for a day look. In case you're gearing up for the night, you help your foundation settle better with a compact. And did we mention what a boon this product is for girls with oily skin who suffer from a greasy T-Zone all day long? If you're wondering how to use this makeup product to get the maximum benefits, here are some easy steps…

Step 1

After having used your moisturiser and foundation, choose a compact that matches your skin tone. We've been loving the Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact. This one's available in various shades and you can choose the one that perfectly works on your skin tone.

Step 2

Using a sponge or a fluffy brush, load the product on the brush and then dust off the excess. Start by applying it from the centre of your face and use long strokes in a dabbing motion. Blend completely making sure you apply it to your neck area as well.

Step 3

What you achieve is a flawless, matte finish using this compact!

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