A good concealer is like a friend that you can count on even in your worst moments, in imperfections and in sleeplessness. Why we say that is because a concealer will cover your blemishes, dark spots and dark circles to leave your skin looking absolutely spot-free. As we show you how to apply concealer, you’ll be set to take on the world with a flawlessly finished face…
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Start by applying the concealer on the areas of your skin that need coverage—dark circles, red spots and blemishes.

Apply the concealer directly onto your skin in the shape of a triangle (not dots on your dark circles) and then use a buffing brush to blend it in so that it merges seamlessly into your skin. Make sure that the concealer shade you choose is as close to your skin tone as possible so that it blends naturally.

We strongly recommend the Lakme Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick. The product is rich in vitamin B3 and will provide nourishment for your skin. Its SPF 20 will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays it is exposed to everyday.

The Lakmé Absolute White Intense Concealer is available in three different shades, that cater to all Indian skin tones. The product is also extremely pocket-friendly and easy to use.