How To Apply Make-Up - Smudge Free And Precise Kajal Application

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 17, 2015
Applying kajal might seem like no big deal but to be able to sport those statement smudge-proof kajal lined eyes, one has to know the different ways to apply kajal. The art of applying kajal perfectly is a craft that will come handy at almost any point! So ladies, here is an eye makeup tutorial on how you can flaunt those sexy eyes; easily, quickly and in such a way that it doesn’t smudge and stays dark and defined through the day!

The best way to learn how to apply kajal to the water-line and under-eye for everyday or occasion use, you must get pretty eye makeup by way of Lakmé’s Eyeconic Kajal or the Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal. Here are a few no-fail eye makeup tips…Here's how to get this look:

Step 1

Start by using the kajal on the center of the eye lid and then go outward on either sides.

Step 2

Once done with the upper eye lid go over the length of the waterline using the same kajal and draw a dark line as you do.

Step 3

To have some fun with your kajal, make sure you add a tinge or pop of colour to your lower eye lid. Especially if it’s a night look and you are tired of the same old black and brown shades. Opt for a green kohl from the Eyeconic range and apply it on the outer edges just below your eye lid.  Further, to add sexy softness to this eye-make up, just smudge the applied colored kajal with your finger, starting from the outside, drawing it inwards. And you’ve got perfectly applied kajal to accentuate those lovely eyes.

There you have it— how to apply kajal with a small recommendation on how to change the way you use coloured kohl pencils too. This is important because even the simplest of makeup products need to be applied right for maximum impact.