How To Use Less Makeup And Yet Appear Absolutely Flawless

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
How to use less makeup and yet appear absolutely flawless

There’s no denying that when it comes to makeup, less is more. Most of us long to simplify our skin and makeup routines, but is it that easy? And how do you decide which products to give up and which ones to keep? After all, you love makeup, don’t you?

We’ve found a few tips that will cut your morning makeup routine in half and yet help you achieve flawless skin. Want to know how? Read on to find out…


01. Prep and prime

04.	Don’t forget mascara

If you prep your skin well, you won’t require as many makeup products. It will naturally look dewy, fresh and supple. Start by cleansing and moisturising your face. Next, apply a primer to cover your pores and give your makeup a smooth canvas to glide on. It also acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup. Applying primer before makeup also ensures your skin absorbs less makeup.


02. Use CC cream

04.	Don’t forget mascara

You don’t need a heavy-duty foundation for daily use. However, if you do apply foundation on the daily, use a damp makeup sponge to get a natural and seamless finish. But the best option is to opt for a CC cream which will moisturise, conceal as well as protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. We recommend you try the Lakme Complexion Care Face CC Cream, it combines the goodness of your daily skincare cream with the right touch of make-up.


03. Opt for multi-tasking products

04.	Don’t forget mascara

Who has the time to find that perfect shade of lipstick in the morning or pick a blush that goes well with your look? A clever tip is to invest in multi-tasking products. The Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color doubles as a lip and cheek colour to give you that perfect office makeup look within minutes.


04. Don’t forget mascara

04.	Don’t forget mascara

Even if you don’t prefer wearing makeup and your idea of skincare is just applying sunscreen, mascara is one product you should always be carrying in your handbag. It instantly makes you look more awake, fresh and completely changes your overall look. The Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Volumizing Mascara – Black is a long-lasting and waterproof formula that is perfect for daily use.

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