Black kajal, a staple in every girl’s makeup kit, can be likened to the dependable friend in every group—always there for you in times of trouble and never fails to uplift your mood. But have you ever felt a bit bored with the same old black kajal? We don’t blame you. Sure, it adds heaps of definition to the eyes but its jet black hue can get a tad monotonous. Luckily, we’re adding some colour to your makeup look with Lakmé as they launch their incredible kajal in six shades. Excited yet? You should be because today we’re showing you just how to apply kajal in various colours for every occasion.

Summer needs a refreshing pop of blue. This time, we say parade those pretty peepers with a hint of blue kajal over your lower waterline. It will add an element of mystique to your eye makeup look and is on-point for the season. Plus, it looks gorgeous with brown eyes and enhances lighter eye colours. Plus, it is suited for both, the day and night time. For the day, wear it with peach cheeks and a messy ponytail. For a night out, you can pair it with dark lip.

If you want to be a tad experimental, the green kajal should be your pick. It’s perfect to add a mermaid-esque touch to your makeup look with just one stroke. The next time you’re headed to a party, wear your green kajal with contoured cheeks and a nude lipstick. With a look like that, you’ll be sure to draw (others’) eyes.

Wondering how to wear a kajal shade other than black to office? Enter grey kajal. Understated and polished, this shade is a complete yes for any formal event. It adds a touch of definition and a hint of colour to your eye makeup without going overboard. Pair yours with a muted red lip and two coats of mascara for a stunning work-ready look.

Like we’ve said before, a stick of stunning black kajal is an essential in every makeup kit. You probably already know that it’s the perfect product to give the eyes just about any look, from a sexy smoulder to a traditional flick. Make sure you’ve always got one on hand!

White coloured kajal? It’s real, folks! Serving a multitude of purposes, a striking white kajal has become the new normal for every beauty addict. Not only can be it used as a highlighter with a bit of blending but a single stroke of it is enough to make your eyes look wider. Next time, you’re headed to brunch, apply white kajal on your waterline and pair it with a tangerine lip.

If you like the idea of defining your eyes with kajal but find the black shade a little too intense, opt for a brown one instead. Especially suited for brunettes with dark eyes, brown kajal is both, naturally defining and impactful. For your next shopping spree, line your lash line with a touch of brown kajal and pair it a top knot and tonnes of highlighter.