“My makeup routine consists of continuously spilling setting powder all over my bathroom.” - Confession of a beauty-holic

Setting powder is one product on your makeup shelf which is most useful and yet hardly spoken of. It prevents shine, saves your foundation from melting, reduces the sticky feeling and gives you an extra-perfect look. While some women use setting powder to touch up their makeup throughout the day, others use it in place of a powder foundation to achieve a more sheer and natural look.

However, if you’ve been using setting powder for a while now and notice that it does not really “set” your makeup in place, then you’re probably doing it all wrong. We’re here to help you master the right way of applying this product.

How to wear setting powder

Lesson #1: Press the setting powder into your skin

Sweeping the powder onto your skin is a strict no-no. With setting powder, the best way to apply is to press it into your skin with a puff just after your apply foundation. Pressing will prevent your foundation from moving or streaking in the process and help it stay all day.

Lesson #2: Powder puff can be your best bet

Using a powder puff to apply setting powder is the best option as it can help you achieve a flawless finish. Dab some powder onto the puff and lightly press onto skin without smudging the foundation.

How to wear setting powder

Lesson #3: Apply the powder in an upside down ‘v’ shape

The correct way to apply your setting powder is in an upside down ‘v’ shape, focusing more on the sides of your chin, nose, mouth and forehead. Press and roll the powder puff as you go over these areas on your face. The press-and-roll method helps smoothen rough texture and allows even application.

How to wear setting powder

Lesson #4: Do not go overboard with setting powder

A second round of setting powder application can make your face look cakey and weird. So, avoid doing that! It’s best to spread the powder across your face only once. And, if you think you’ve taken a little extra product, you can always clear it up with a clean brush.  Simply swipe the brush gently to get rid of excess powder.

Lesson #5: Fold the puff into half to reach the narrow areas

The narrower areas of your face, such as the corners of your nose or eyes need a little extra attention when it comes to applying setting powder there. The trick is to fold your powder puff into half and then go over it with the powder. This way, you’ll be able to reach the hard-to-reach areas and spread the setting powder easily.