Love dumplings? Stop salivating! We’re not talking about the Chinese delicacy, that we all agree is uber delicious. Instead, we are here to update you on the newest makeup trend called ‘Dumpling Skin’. This trend screams ultra-hydrated, plump and juicy complexion. The term was first coined by NYC makeup artist Nam Vo, who went on to set this trend by showing us some perfect examples of how to do dumpling skin right through his Instagram account.

With #dewydumplings becoming a viral internet phenomenon, everyone’s going gaga over this trend which takes luminous, dewy skin a notch higher.

Wondering how to achieve that high-shine doughy look? Here is how...

dumpling mekeup trend

How to get that doughy sheen with a highlighter?

We usually tend to apply makeup products on dry skin. Have you ever tried putting on makeup on moist skin? No? Tis’ the time to do so! Remember that the key to nailing this look is in the layering.

When your skin is moist and extremely hydrated, it’s going to collect that highlighter pigment much better than on dry skin. Therefore, before reaching out for your highlighter, ensure that you’re prepping your skin either with a dewy primer or any cream-based product. This will make your skin moist, and when the highlighter goes on, it will grab that pigment, thereby helping you achieve Dumpling Skin. 

dumpling mekeup trend

How-to achieve that next-level glow?

Start the process by hydrating your face with a face oil or cream, such as the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation With SPF 45 - Silk Golden that’ll leave you with a dewy radiant look.

Next, grab a luminizing primer, liquid or cream highlighter and for that extra polish, layer it with a powder highlighter. And, voila!

Dumpling skin can be a savior on days when you’re lacking sleep or just showing signs of exhaustion. That extra glow can simply brighten your face and up your beauty quotient at the same time.

Image Courtesy: Instagram and Pinterest