The Truth About Using Lip Liner To Create Smokey Eyes

Written by Urvi ShahJul 15, 2022
The truth about using lip liner to create smokey eyes
TikTok is back with yet another trend, and this one’s very… bizarre (to put it lightly). We’re sure you’ve traded your blush for lipstick. It’s the simplest way to lend a pop of colour to your cheeks, no? But trading just got a little weird. This hack involves ditching your go-to eyeshadow for liner. Yup. Liner. But it’s not the kind you’re imagining. Let’s dive right in.

Liner and eyeshadow - what’s so odd about this pair-up?

Does this hack pass the #BBsafetytest?

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Yeah - we’re not referring to eyeliner. Any guesses? You’re right. Lip liner! Australia-based MUA Sabrina Walsh took to TikTok to share with her followers a technique that involved trading her eyeshadow with a lip liner to create a smokey-eyed look. All she does is smear one of her liners all over her upper and lower eyelids and blends it out with a brush. And that's it. Walsh stated that the technique was born out of trial-and-error. She had attempted this hack with lipstick, but she said that a lipstick's formula is oily, difficult to set, and unlikely to withstand long-wear. As for eyeliner, though the product creates a good eyeshadow base, it's only suitable for playing into darker looks. If you want to put together a natural makeup look, the eyeliner doesn't quite work.


Does this hack pass the #BBsafetytest?

Does this hack pass the #BBsafetytest?

There's some controversy surrounding this hack. Experts advise against applying a makeup product that's not classified as cosmetically eye-safe on the eyes. The pigments employed in a product for the eyes are different from those infused in products for the lips, cheeks, and other parts of the face. You can experience a reaction—like swollen lids—if you're not careful.

If you've already lined your lips with a liner, the product has been contaminated, and it's, now, unsanitized. It's a fact that your mouth houses harmful bacteria. And, if transferred to the eyes, the bacteria can result in infections, and it can permanently damage your vision in the process. Yup. Don't just experiment with TikTok-approved hacks nonchalantly, kids. Always do your research.

If you do want to experiment with this hack though, you *must* sanitize the pencil with an alcohol-based cleanser. And sharpen the pencil to create a new tip that hasn't touched your lips - or any other part of your face. Remember not to pull too much on the lids. This part of your face is particularly thin and sensitive.

Our all-time favourite is the Lakmé Absolute 3D Lip Definer. Available in six striking shades, these liners are known to glide onto your skin seamlessly without creasing your lips - and, in this case, your delicate lids. It's extremely soft - so you don't worry about hurting your lids. And it's waterproof. A huge *yes* to long-staying eye makeup! Its colour payoff is intense. This is the product to go with if you're looking to bedeck your eyes with bright pops of colour.


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