Bb Picks: Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 11, 2016
After struggling to add colour to our eyes during the monsoon months (and failing miserably), we finally got our hands on the Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon. Safe to say, we weren’t disappointed, and yes, we’ve now got one in every shade (and two in turquoise)…
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Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon

Why we love it…

It didn’t take the Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon long to find its way to our favourites list. It’s both smudge-proof and crease-proof, making it one of our must-haves for the monsoons, especially if you want to add a dramatic pop of colour to a seriously dull and dreary day.

Unlike other powder shadows that we’ve tried before, the crayon doesn’t disappoint. With a quick-dry formula and a smooth texture that allows it to glide across the skin, it delivers a high-shine finish in just a few strokes to give your eyes a professional finish that lasts.
Our favourite thing about the Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon? It can be used as both, an eyeshadow as well as an eyeliner. You can wear it as a liner to add some spunk to your day look or have it double up as an eyeshadow by spreading it across your lid for your night out.

How do you use it?
Step 1: Pick from the gorgeous line-up of eight shades of crayon eyeshadows, which match your festive ensemble.
Step 2: Apply the shadow directly with the pencil tip onto the eyelid. Remember, you can use it as a liner or all over your eyelid as an eyeshadow depending on what you’re getting dressed up for.
Step 3:  Since the crayon comes with a quick-dry formula, smudge the colour quickly onto your eyelid.

How much does it cost?
₹ 750 for 1.5 gms

What colours is it available in?
Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon comes in eight shades including white, turquoise, purple, olive, pink, bronze, grey and blue.

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