As girls who believe that a lipstick is a mood changer for us, we’re always on the lookout for bright lippies. If this is exactly how you feel, make place in your beauty box for Lakmé Absolute’s Lip Pouts. A range of bright coloured lipsticks, these are a must-have for every girl who wants to stand out. Here’s everything you should know about these lip colours.
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They’re available in 6 gorgeous shades

Don’t know about you but we’re buying all the 6 shades available. Call us obsessed but the lipstick lover in us just wants them all. Why? Well, these yummy shade of lipsticks in crayon format are called Raving Red, Starlet Red, Victorian Rose, Pink Fantasy, Magenta Magic and Tangerine Touch and promise to give you a whole new makeover.

They’re playful and vibrant

From red to pink and orange—these lippies are a bunch of bright, playful and happy shades that will instantly metamorphose your look. You can wear the dullest outfit but rely on these to give you that playful vibrant pout you always dreamt of.

They’re all matte

Think matte lipsticks always have you screaming with joy? Then we see no reason why you should deny your lips these super fun lippies that will lend you that silky matte finish giving your lips that burst of colour. We bet your excitement is hitting the roof much like us when we got news on them.

They’re long-lasting

The thing about lipsticks is that they disappear just with a single cup of coffee and then we are faced with the task of having to reapply them over and over again to keep our lips from looking dull. But the good news here is that these wonderful crayon lippies will not let you down—with just one stroke, you can be assured of a coloured pout that will last you all day!

They lend full coverage

You know that embarrassing moment when your chapped lips show up despite wearing a bright lipstick? Well, blame your lipstick for not giving you full coverage. Or as we say, move to the Lakmé Absolute Lip Pouts that will colour your lips in just one stroke hiding all those unsightly cracks. Sounds like something you always wanted, doesn’t it?