Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 was an enchanting affair and we are still swooning over the breathtaking collections we witnessed from upcoming and established designers alike. The bar has been set really high and we are thrilled to see where Indian Fashion is headed. Fashion Weeks are always an exciting time for us makeup buffs too since we get to see top MUAs in action, waving their makeup brushes (read: magic wands) to create stunning looks. And this season was no different. From colourful eyeshadows to androgynous looks, here are the top five eye makeup trends we spotted at LFW 2022. Take a look.


01. Purple glaze

Purple glaze

Ananya Panday’s show-stopping look for the Falguni Shane Peacock was awesome. Excuse me while I pick my jaw back up from the floor. Not only was the outfit amazing, but the makeup look complimented the entire look so well. The purple metallic shadow with a purple winged liner is just the look you need to try this season.

To recreate this look, all you gotta do is take Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette - Berry Martini and blend the metallic purple shade all over your eyelids. Next, reach out for the Lakmé  Absolute Explore Eye Pencil - Invincible Purple and do an extended wing liner. Remember: the longer the wing, the more dramatic the look. Now, from the outer corner of your eye, extend the liner to your lower lash line, winging it outwards as you reach the inner corner.  To finish off this look, take the Lakmé  Absolute Explore Eye Pencil - Alluring Silver and blend it in your inner corners and voila!



02. (O)range of blue

(O)range of blue

This orange and blue makeup look screams summer! The metallic blue inner corners and the winged orange liner is so creative and fresh. To recreate this look, take the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Pencil -Daring Blue and make an abstract outline of your inner corner. Fill the outlines in with the same pencil. Next, grab the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Pencil - Spirited Orange and wing it out starting from the centre of the eye. So fresh and so stunning.


03. A wave of blue

A wave of blue

Not only the models, but even the guests at LFW had their makeup game on point. Take, for example, beauty blogger Debasree Banerjee’s blue eye makeup. The liner transitioning into a smokey eye reminds us of the waves and honestly makes us want to head to the beach like RN.

To recreate this look, take the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Pencil - Vibrant Azure and make a swift stroke on your eyelids. Once you reach the outer corner, slightly wing it upwards and go into your crease. Then, blend the winged and creased liner inwards to create a smokey eye look. It's a quick 5-minute work but looks a million bucks, amirite?



04. A midsummer’s white dream

A midsummer’s white dream

This ethereal white liner look from Diksha Khanna’s collection is one that makes you feel like you’re in a makeup dream you never wanna come out of. The graphic liner winged upwards, towards the crease, is our new favourite look. To recreate this look, grab the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Pencil - Ethereal White and create a thin winged liner. Once you’re done, draw a line towards your crease, making it as angular as possible. Finish off with Lakmé Eyeconic Insta Cool Kajal on your waterline.


05. Androgynous black

Androgynous black

We are so glad to see more androgynous and gender fluid makeup looks this year. And this look from Shruti Sancheti’s collection is one of our top picks. To recreate this look, take the metallic black shade from Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Magic and apply it to your eyelids, creating a smokey eye effect. After that, take the Lakmé Absolute Explore Eye Pencil - Tough Metal and make a classic liner while also using it on your waterline. Try it out and let’s end the stigma around men wearing makeup one look at a time.