It was possibly one of the most crowded shows we’ve been to and would you believe it if we said it was a not-so-bigwig of a designer and the launch of a new mobile app? Probably not! But by now, since we’ve already established that when Lakmé does things, only adjectives similar to big, grand and OTT can be used to describe it, you shouldn’t have expected anything lesser than a full house!

lakme launched new makeup pro app lfw 2015 430x550

So it came as absolutely no surprise to us when, after a stellar show by androgyny obsessed Dhruv Kapur, our Lakmé Lip Love girl Shraddha Kapoor strutted down ramp wearing a super chiselled face, pronounced pout and slick, pulled back hair. Unlike most shows, this showstopper actually started the show by announcing the launch of Makeup Pro, Lakmé’s new real-time phone app that celebrates the brand’s 15 years in fashion and beauty.

lakme makeup pro app 430x550

Explaining the philosophy behind the brand’s new ‘Sculpt’ range, makeup maestro Natasha Nischol explained that the look drew inspiration from art, sculpture, cubism and translated that to avant garde yet achievable looks that would reiterate makeup as an art form. “Sculpt has indeed been a very exciting theme to work on. It gave me the artistic freedom to play around with structure and symmetry, while also being able to recreate the evolution of makeup,” said Natasha.

lakme virtual makeup pro app 600x400

The real-time virtual makeover app features Lakmé’s entire range of shades across categories. And the great part? It isn’t just restricted to makeup alone; you can even figure out different ways to prep your skin and try things digitally. In fact, the app even goes as far as to allow you to try pre-created pro-stylist looks by the experts, including the one that Shraddha Kapoor wore as she sashayed down the runway.

lakme makeup app launch lfw 2015 600x400

lakme makeup pro app launch lfw 2015 600x400

“In our 15th year at Lakmé Fashion Week, we reinvent make-up and new hi-definition matte lipstick is the star of the Lakmé Absolute Sculpt line. We empower every Indian woman to experience this beauty trend first hand with the first of its’ kind Lakmé Makeup Pro app which promises to be the biggest blockbuster  in beauty,” said Purnima Lamba, Head of Innovation at Lakmé.

lakme virtual makeup pro app shraddha kapoor 600x400

Of course, our girl Shraddha is already a fan and admitted to having pre-tested the app before it was officially launched. Her reason? It’s super convenient for those who don’t like going shopping for cosmetics.
“I simply love experimenting with my favourite looks. Every time I have a few minutes of free time, I’m on the Makeup Pro app. I love that its user friendly and helps me select colors and styles that compliment me in an instant. Plus, I have all the makeup at my disposal as and when I want it!” said Shraddha Kapoor.

We agree! And yes, we’re downloading the app as we type.

The Lakmé Makeup Pro app is available for download on Android at the Google Play store.