If you are as makeup-obsessed as we are, you are probably always on the lookout for the latest makeup trends. We do it all the time and we can’t help it! With hot makeup trends popping up every other day and season, it’s hard to keep away from trying them out for ourselves. This season too, we saw an outpour of some really cool makeup trends. From throwback trends like blushadow and metallic lips that have made a whooping comeback to some never-seen-before trends like artistic liners and coloured mascara, there is a plethora of beauty looks to experiment with.

Can’t wait to know all about the ebbs and flows of what’s hot in the beauty world? Let us help you. Whether you are a makeup minimalist or big on quirky and OTT beauty, we have got you covered with the latest makeup trends of the season so you can refresh your makeup stash and look on point (you’re welcome!). Also, in the spirit of sharing and caring, we will tell you how to master each trend like a pro with an easy-peasy tutorial. So, here are 7 of the latest makeup trends that are hot on our beauty radar and how to ace them. Go on, give ‘em a shot!  


#1. Latest Makeup Trends: Face

Face | Latest Makeup Trends

Dewy skin

Glowy, clear and luminous skin that also goes by the name of glass skin, light bulb skin and dumpling skin is the latest makeup trend beauty buffs are going crazy about. Visibly smooth and buttery skin that almost looks as clear as glass (ergo the name of the trend) is a Korean beauty trend that made waves some time back. If minimal, au naturel makeup is your thing, go for this gorgeous dewy finish. Here is how you can get this look.   

Moisturize your face and apply a liquid foundation evenly in small dots. Dampen your beauty blender and blend the foundation well. Take a liquid, glow-boosting highlighter and apply it on the highest points of your face like cheekbones, centre of forehead, tip of the nose and chin. Set the makeup with a face mist for naturally dewy skin.

Blushadow | Latest Makeup Trends


Also known as draping, this blush trend is equal parts edgy and classy. A hybrid of blush and eyeshadow, it needs you to extend your eyeshadow and blush to your temples, creating a beautiful tint on the sides of your face. First spotted on the runways and then on celebrities like Rihanna and Aditi Rao Hydari, this makeup trend has really become the new way to apply your blush.

To copy this look, pick a shade that you want to use on your cheeks and lids. It can be two different colours but if you are wearing it for a casual day, go for a monochrome look. Apply the eyeshadow on your lids and blush of the same colour on the apple of your cheeks. Take a blush brush and blend the two colours towards your temples.  


#2. Latest Makeup Trends: Eyes

Eyes | Latest Makeup Trends

Graphic liners

Still, stuck with the cat-eye look? You’ll be glad to know that your regular winged liner has been upgraded to more artistic and cooler versions this season. Graphic liner is the latest eye makeup trend to be making waves. Spice up your eye makeup with geometric and abstract shapes like batwing, floating or straight, elongated winged liner. Here is what you can do to get the look.

To make your liner artistic and graphic, pick any eyeliner style you want to rock. For the batwing liner, line your upper lid and extend it to the crease, creating a sideways ‘V’ on the outer corner of your eye. For floating liner, simply line the crease of your upper lid or draw an abstract shape over your lids for an even more badass look. 

Coloured mascara | Latest Makeup Trends

Coloured mascara

Blue, red and neon orange lashes are one of the most whimsical and fun makeup trends we have spotted in a while. It instantly brightens up your look and sure looks flattering AF. You could just go with a nude lip and some blush and add a pop of colour to the otherwise understated look with a coloured mascara. You can pull this latest makeup trend for a day or night time look as it looks equally chic and glamorous.

Take your pick from the vibrant shades of mascara and amp up those lashes in a gorgeous hue. Although it may look a bit bold to pull off, it actually looks pretty and stunning. Keep the other makeup colours you use in mind and you are good to go!  Remember to keep the rest of your makeup subtle and let your strong lash game be the centre of attention. 

Glossy lids | Latest Makeup Trends

Glossy lids

This season is all about all things glossy. Glossy skin, glossy lips and surprisingly glossy lids were spotted on the runway this season and honestly, we never knew it could look oh-so stunning. This latest makeup trend is surely a breath of fresh air in the eye makeup department. If you are bored of smokey eyes and browns and golden shades on your lids, try out this sheer, glossy eye look

Glossy lids are pretty easy to achieve. Simply mix your clear lip balm or Vaseline with the eyeshadow shade you want to wear and apply it all over your upper lid with the help of an eyeshadow brush. You can also apply your tinted lip balm directly on your lids and blend with the brush. For a sheer gloss, moisturize your lids and apply a clear lip balm and blend. Easy, isn’t it?  


#3. Latest Makeup Trends: Lips

Lips | Latest Makeup Trends

Metallic lips

We love the 2020 makeup trends that stand the test of time. The latest makeup trend to have proved this and made a comeback is the early 2000’s metallic pout. Matte and glossy lips look bomb, but you’d also agree that a swipe of metallic finish on your lips can really up to your glamour quotient in a tick. Here is how you can work the high-shine, dramatic metallic pout.

You can turn your matte lipstick into a metallic one in a jiffy and wear this trend like a pro. Moisturize your lips with a lip balm and apply your matte lipstick. Wait a minute for it to completely dry and the colour to settle on your lips. Next, take your powder highlighter or a shimmery brown-beige eyeshadow shade and dab it on your lips with a lip brush. Top it off with a clear lip gloss for a reflective finish. 

Ombré lips | Latest Makeup Trends

Ombré lips

Why wear only one lip colour when you can rock two, right? The gorgeous two-toned lip trend is having a moment right now and we are in love. It not only looks insanely glamorous but the faded effect also makes your lips look fuller and plumper.

To work this lip trend, first apply a lip balm on your lips and press a tissue on it to remove the excess. Pick two colours from the same family like burgundy and red or two contrasting colours like pink and orange if you want a bolder look. Line your lips with the darker shade and fill in the centre with the lighter one. Take your lipstick brush and blend the colours to create an ombré effect. 

Image courtesy: Instagram