Lazy Girl's Guide To Getting Ready For A Wedding

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Lazy girl's guide to getting ready for a wedding

The wedding season is here, but so is winter which means we’re going to be lazier. If you have a love-hate relationship with attending weddings we get it. You want to look good but can’t take all the efforts of going to a salon or spend hours in front of the mirror to look stunning. So how do we solve this problem? We at Be Beautiful have solution to all your problems, including this!

Here’s a makeup guide for every lazy girl out there...


Keep your hair dirty

Forget fake lashes

Yes you read it right! Don’t waste time in washing and drying your hair. Unclean hair is easier and quicker to style. However, if it is too greasy simply spray some dry shampoo on the roots to make it look clean and matte.


Pick products with dual use

Forget fake lashes

Who has the time for an elaborate step by step makeup, right? Therefore look for products that have dual purpose, such as the Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color. It can be used on the lips as well as to get flushed cheeks. And if you’re feeling too lazy lightly dab and blend some on your eyelids too and forget the eyeshadow completely.


Dip nails in ice cold water

Forget fake lashes

Whether you’re restless or just too lazy to wait for your nail paint to dry this hack always works. Simply dip your freshly painter nails in ice cold water for a few minutes and watch them dry like never before.


Forget fake lashes

Forget fake lashes

Don’t have the patience or finesse to stick on fake lashes? Here’s something that will give you full lashes in less than a minute. Simply take some baby powder and apply it to your lashes before coating them with mascara.

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