As beauty enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for hacks, tips and tricks to make the most out of products we already own. This not only is a great way to declutter, but also helps to make our everyday makeup routine short and quick.

One such product that can multitask like a pro is… your humble tweezer. This is one makeup tool that forms an indispensable part of every girl’s makeup arsenal. But this little tool can be used for more reasons than simply getting rid of overgrown brow hair. Yes, really!

Here are 3 lesser-known hacks using a tweezer you’re going to thank us for…

tweezer makeup hacks

01. To create the perfect cat eye

A lot of beauty influencers have been using this hack to make drawing a cat-eye extremely easy. You simply need to use your tweezer as a stamp to apply eyeliner on the underside. Now place it on the outer corner of your eye diagonally to get an outline, then, simply fill it to get the perfect look.

02. To contour your nose

This is another brilliant beauty hack that you need to know about. Contouring is a really difficult task and if not done right, can look really weird. Apply your favourite contour powder on the underside of the tweezer and slide it down your nose. Using a blending brush, blend it away. There… you have a perfectly contoured nose!

03. To apply falsies

Applying falsies is a real struggle. This is where tweezers come handy. You can use them to apply your falsies precisely and avoid getting glue on your hands. Not only will the pressure on your shaky hands reduce, but this practice will also ensure the quality of your falsies remains top-notch.