Let's Keep Summer And Body Odour From Turning Your Underarms Into A War Zone

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Let's keep summer and body odour from turning your underarms into a war zone

No matter how well you dress up, how on-point your makeup looks, or how chic your hairdo maybe; there is still something that can completely break your look and that something is body odour!

Realising that your sweat has turned malodorous  can be a cause of great embarrassment. And if you’re someone who naturally sweats a lot, summers can be particularly brutal for you. So when your tank tops, summer dresses and shorts fail to offer any relief, try these simple remedies to get rid of sweaty armpits and body odour this summer...


Get rid of underarm hair

Use some lemon

When you have hairy underarms, the hair tends to trap moisture and creates the perfect environment for bacteria to breed. Shave or trim your pits frequently to keep the stink under control.


Take care of your personal hygiene

Use some lemon

This is one piece of advice that should not be overlooked. Shower twice a day and use an antibacterial soap or body wash such as the Lever Ayush Purifying Turmeric Soap. If you exercise often, make sure to shower right after every workout so bacteria don’t have a chance to spread.


Wear loose cotton clothes and use an antiperspirant

Use some lemon

It is always advised to wear breathable fabrics such as cotton during the summers because synthetic textiles stick to your body and cause you to sweat more. And never forget to keep your roll-on deo such as the Rexona Powder Dry Underarm Odour Protection Roll On handy.


Use some lemon

Use some lemon

Lemons have amazing antibacterial properties and effectively kill germs and is amazing at keeping body odour away. Simply rub a lemon onto your underarms and allow the juice to work its magic. Wash it off after a while and see the difference.

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