Selfies have become a significant part of our lives and no matter where you go, everyone just wants to click the perfect selfies. There’s no one to really blame either. These days, likes and comments have become an integral part of every person’s life, especially for the youth. If you are used to clicking with your phone’s front camera, then you probably already know that it is quite tricky to get a good selfie from it. Front cameras are specially designed to focus on each and every detail on your face, which makes it an even trickier task to click the perfect selfie.

Here are a few things that can help you get that perfect selfie.


1. Primer

1.	Primer

Primer is a beauty product that helps in hiding all those imperfections on your face which could appear to be noticeable in your selfies. Apply some primer and then some foundation to get that smooth and even finish. This will help your skin appear clear and glowing in the selfie.


2. Avoid sunblock

2.	Avoid sunblock

Using sunblock can actually ruin your selfie look. You can always use sunscreen containing SPF but the ones which contain zinc oxide and titanium oxide should be totally avoided. Get yourself a bottle of some good sunscreen with SPF in it and apply it before you go out for a stroll on the beach and click those amazing selfies.


3. Concealer

3.	Concealer

Using a concealer is a must, especially if you have dark circles under your eyes.  The camera can often spot these dark patches on your skin easily. So make sure that you blend the concealer properly to get an even and perfect finish under and around your eyes. This prevents the camera from spotting the dark circles and in return, you will be able to click a great selfie.


4. Matte makeup

4.	Matte makeup

Using glossy makeup on your face can cause the light to reflect back into the camera lenses, thereby making your facial features appear larger than usual. All that shimmer can make your face look oily as well. For getting the perfect selfie, stick to using matte makeup on your face and the neck region.


5. Avoid pastel colours

5.	Avoid pastel colours

It is recommended that you avoid the use of pastel colours in your makeup, especially if you are going to be clicking any selfies. Since pastel colours tend to look pretty washed out in pictures, use bold and dark colours for your eye makeup. You can even add some sparkle to your eyes.


6. Check your makeup in natural light

6.	Check your makeup in natural light

It is quite possible that the indoor lighting might provide a false impression with regards to your makeup. In order to be more confident about your look, make sure that you check it under natural lighting. Avoid applying any makeup under artificial lights so that you don’t end up overdoing it.


7. Yellow tinted face powder

7.	Yellow tinted face powder

Using shimmery powder can cause the light to reflect from your face, thereby distorting your intended look. It is recommended that you use yellow tinted powder, especially if you’re in the mood for clicking selfies.


8. Enhance your eyes

8.	Enhance your eyes

Always try to make your eyes the point of focus in your selfies. Curling your lashes and applying a nice coat of mascara is a great way to enhance your eyes. Make your eyes more noticeable by applying shimmery eyeshadow under the brow bone and in the corner of your eyes.