In the world of beauty, highlighters have been massive for more than a year now. Glowing skin was the craze in 2018 and taking glowing skin a notch higher

were the body shimmers and body illuminators!

So if you are someone who wants to join the bandwagon and try experimenting with body illuminators, we have a few ways you can use your highlighter to make a liquid body or face illuminator.

Here is how...

diy face and body illuminator

Scrape some of your powder highlighter or any shimmering eye shadow of your choice in a container. Pour your favourite face moisturiser in it and mix it well. Your face illuminator is ready!

DIY face and body illuminator

For a body illuminator, mix your powder highlighter with body lotion or oil and use it on your body. If you want to sport a tan or bronzed look, add a tiny amount of dark foundation.