For anyone who has just ventured into the world of makeup, it can be confusing, intimidating and sometimes an overload of information that can be difficult to process. Makeup may be a form of art but it should not be complicated, over the top or something that demands your entire paycheck, as we always say – keep it simple.

As a beginner, if you’re struggling with thoughts like, where to start, which advice to take and what products are absolutely essential, fret not, we are here to help. We’ve come up with a list of dos and don’ts that will make your first experience with makeup a breeze.


makeup dos and donts for beginners

  • Apply makeup in natural light

When possible, try and apply your makeup in natural light. It gives you a better idea as to what your makeup will look like once you step out. Set up your makeup station near the window.

makeup dos and donts for beginners

  • Find the right shade of foundation

When it comes to makeup, one of the biggest tasks is to find your foundation match. It will take a lot of trial and error before you find the perfect shade. Tinted moisturisers will give you light and natural-looking coverage, BB and CC creams offer light to medium overage and full coverage foundations will cover blemishes and pigmentation. Depending on the needs of your skin, invest in one that suits you.


makeup dos and donts for beginners

  • Invest in a brow pencil

A lot of people might tell you that eyebrow pencils are not a necessity, but truth be told, they are as important as your lipstick, foundation, concealer and mascara. Eyebrows define and frame your face and a good eyebrow pencil will help you achieve just that. Fill the sparse areas in your brows to add volume, you can further angle your brows using the pencil.

makeup dos and donts for beginners

  • Remove your makeup at night

If you love wearing makeup, you also need to take care of your skin at the same time. Because as much as it makes you look flawless, it can also harm your skin. Make it a habit to take off your makeup before you hit the bed every night.


makeup dos and donts for beginners

  • Invest in high-end products

When you’re a makeup rookie, the last thing you want to do is splurge on a huge assortment of expensive, high-end products. Start your makeup journey with drugstore products and slowly make your way up.

makeup dos and donts for beginners

  • Skip the primer

Sometimes your foundation may not give you the flawless finish you were aiming for and that’s probably because you didn’t apply primer first. Start with a layer of primer - this will fill in your pores and make applying foundation a breeze. It also creates a barrier between your makeup and skin, thus making your makeup last longer.

makeup dos and donts for beginners

  • Be afraid to try new things

Lastly, the best thing about makeup is that you can be as creative as you want. So go and explore, learn new looks and have fun!