If you’re reading this, then may your day be as flawless as your makeup! But if you are someone who struggles with foundation settling into fine lines, or finds it hard to keep your mascara from smudging, then this one's for you.

We’ve discovered a killer cutlery weapon that can help you ace your makeup game, even if you’re a noob. We’re talking about a spoon! Yes, you read that right. Now, if you’re wondering what role a spoon can play in your makeup routine, hang in there… we’ve got three surprising makeup hacks using this kitchen staple.

3 quick and easy makeup hacks using a spoon

Hack #1: Smooth foundation over fine lines using a chilled spoon

“I love flaunting my fine lines and creases,'' said no woman ever. If you’ve been struggling to cover creases after applying foundation, then this hack is just for you! All you need to do is take a chilled (not frozen) spoon and slowly run it along fine lines, making sure you follow the direction of the lines. Repeat this a few times and then instantly reach for your foundation. Doing so will help smooth your skin temporarily and prevent your foundation from caking up.

3 quick and easy makeup hacks using a spoon

Hack #2: Keep mascara from messing up your eye makeup by covering your lids with a spoon

Once you’ve locked your eye makeup in place, you don’t want any other product ruining it for you, Product fallout from brow powder or the mascara wand touching your skin can do serious damage to your perfectly done makeup. That’s when a spoon can come to the rescue. Spoons have just the right shape to cover your upper lids, so when you apply mascara, you can totally avoid messing up the eyeshadow you worked so hard on!

3 quick and easy makeup hacks using a spoon

Hack #3: Curl your lashes with a spoon

This may sound absolutely wacky, but it works! Ever gone on a vacation only to realise that you’ve left your trusty eyelash curler behind? There’s a solution for that, it’s called a spoon! Just order a spoon from room service and your job is done. All you need to do is add a dash of heat to your spoon with the help of a blow dryer, turn the spoon horizontally and sandwich your eyelashes between your thumb and the rounded edge of the spoon. Curl from the root, and you’ll notice how effortlessly curled your lashes look. Follow it up with mascara!

Image courtesy: Pinterest