Sculpt – we’ve been hearing about it, it seems to be the look the models are wearing, and apparently, it is the trend of 2015 and not just in India. Never ones to give pop culture a miss, we had get all the dope on this new buzzword. Instead of asking around, we caught up with makeup maven Natasha Nischol to tell us the story of Sculpt and how we could employ it in our everyday routine…

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BB: If you were to explain the Sculpt look to lay man, what would you say?
Natasha: Sculpt is all about three dimensionality and bringing out the contours of the face by working around the high and low points of the face. For example, if you shade under your cheek bone or at the top of your cheekbone, you’re already working with light and shade to create a three dimensional curve on your face.

BB: And what goes into the making of this Sculpt look?
Natasha: Like I mentioned, it’s about contouring all the right areas to lose that flatness. You can accentuate your cheekbones with blusher, sculpt your eyes by using a graphic liner, sculpt your mouth by defining the outlines of your lips and filling them in with a wonderful matte texture.

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BB: You mentioned that Sculpt has its origins in art. How so?
Natasha: Yes, sculpt, as a thought, goes back to the Stone Age. Any artist began by first creating a cast, then a sculpture and then gave dimensions to the sculpture; you’ll never see a flat sculpture per se. A classic example of this is the Roman sculptures, all of which revolve around contouring. The same logic applies to your face – it’s not flat. If you do flatten it out, it’ll look a bit dull, so you’ve got to work with is to bring it to life albeit subtly.

BB: Sculpt, as an element of makeup seems to be at a very subtle level. So how would it apply to India – a country where everything is about loudness and colour?
Natasha: I don’t think a lot of people know about make up techniques apart from the basics so it’s all about education via things like this app (Makeup Pro) that allows you try different things, experiment and then make it a part of your daily look. But yes, I do think it won’t take too long for the mass to catch up.

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BB: Do you see Sculpt  making an appearance in the bridal domain?
Natasha: Absolutely! Sculpt will definitely be very relevant to each and every bride! On your wedding day you want to look your best. You want to look young on that day and you want your skin to look to look youthful and flawless. Especially for weddings when you’re constantly going from one light to another , there’s no better way than a perfectly contoured face to do justice to you makeup and overall look.

BB: How can Sculpt be incorporated into our everyday look?
Natasha: Day look: Daylight tends to be harsh so you’ve got to be subtle with your day Sculpt look so while you can sculpt your cheeks, keep it minimal. Instead play up your lips and emphasise those contours.
Evening look: The night Sculpt look is more dramatic, starker and stronger. There can’t be any one look – everyone needs to do it depending on their face and features.

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BB: How does the skincare range fit into the overall Sculpt scheme of things?
Natasha: The Youth Infinity range that is a part of the Sculpt look is the quintessential skincare regime that lifts and tightens the skin and improves its texture. It’s simple logic – if your skin itself is sagging, no amount of contouring is going to help.

BB: Single step tips and tricks to Sculp’ting for different face shapes?
Natasha: Round face –To make a round face look less flat you can sculpt just under your cheekbones.
Square face – If it’s very sharp jaw line you can sculpt at the end of the jaw .
Long faces – I wouldn’t advise Sculp’ting since that will make the face appear longer.